About Us

Progress Training and Consultancy
Practical Learning that leads to a Professional Career

Through a combination of academic rigour and professional expertise, Progress Training & Consultancy has earned an excellent reputation through its unique approach to the education and training of professionals.

In external professional body examinations, PROGRESS's excellent pass rates and awards are a testament to the sheer quality of our training and studies, as well as the calibre of students that we select.

Progress students often perform significantly higher than students elsewhere and many go on to enjoy great success in their chosen profession.

At Progress Training & Consultancy, it is never about just ‘learning for learning's sake’. It's practical, professionally geared learning that puts students ahead of the curve, now and in the future.”

Nada Saeed, Managing Director


Founded in 2005 and situated at Dubai’s centre of learning, Dubai Knowledge Park, Progress Training & Consultancy has since established itself as an institution of choice for professional training, in the UAE. At the time of its founding, Progress Training & Consultancy was a pioneer of running the internationally accredited, Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) courses.

In recent years, Progress has extended its reach to other professional courses such as CMA, CFA, Islamic Finance, PMP, Business Skills, and customised training courses for companies.

Progress Training & Consultancy’s ability to provide courses in both Arabic and English is also evidence of its cultural adaptability and relevance to the largest cross section of professionals based in the UAE. .


Teaching Faculty

Progress Training & Consultancy only appoints senior experts to faculty positions.

Our faculty members are fully qualified in their respective fields of discipline, with an average of 10 years experience.

Students, therefore, can benefit from our faculty members' extensive academic knowledge as well as their practically applied business experience..

Study Material

At Progress Training & Consultancy, we ensure our students have access to the most up-to-date materials in order to support their studies and specific learning practices.

We do this by carefully evaluating available materials and selecting the options we feel will bring the most success to our students.

Other facilities

Situated in Dubai’s key adult education hub – Dubai Knowledge Village – Progress Training & Consultancy is not simply an institution of learning, we also take pride in the atmosphere of excellence we foster within our organisation. For example, our friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to help deal with any issues or enquiries you may have.

We also continually invest in a wealth of fixed assets, designed to supplement our student learning facilities, which include: libraries; study rooms; as well as recreational areas that are available to all students.