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Strategic Level

Strategic level is the third level of the professional qualification and consists of four exams.

Strategic Management (E3)
Summary of syllabus Weightage
Interacting with the organisation’s environment 20%
Evaluating strategic position and strategic options 30%
Leading change 20%
Implementing strategy 15%
The role of information systems in organisational strategy 15%

Risk Management (P3)
Summary of syllabus Weightage
Identification, classification and evaluation of risk 20%
Internal controls to manage risk 20%
Managing risks associated with cash flows 20%
Managing risks associated with capital investment decisions 20%

Financial Strategy (F3)
Summary of syllabus Weightage
Formulation of financial strategy 25%
Financing and dividend decisions 35%
Corporate finance 40%

Strategic Level Case Study
Covers You will learn how to:
P3, F3 and E3 content Apply the knowledge you have gained in the three subjects to reflect real-life work situations.

Exam sequence
Students must pass all Management level subjects and the integrated case study before attempting the Strategic level.

Objective tests (OTQ)
The student has to take a 90 minute objective test comprising of 60 questions for each subject of the Strategic level.

Integrated case study exam
The integrated case study exams are available four times a year. The duration of the exam is three hours.

To obtain the Membership of CIMA and CGMA Designation students will need to complete the relevant professional level exams, culminating in the Strategic level integrated case study exam and must demonstrate three years of relevant practical experience which can be gained before, during and/or after studies.

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