Corporate Training

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Corporate Training

Progress Training & Consultancy prides itself on developing and building courses to suit business needs, and tailoring them for specific clientele.

At Progress we work with companies that are progressive in their approach and seek to build the capabilities and soft skills of their human capital. We have the expertise and flexibility to provide the right blend of training and consultancy, across all levels of competencies, either in our centre or in-house with you.

Our consultancy service can assess your ongoing training needs, and help you strategise for future development, in a cost-effective manner that provides a significant return on your investment.

We’ve provided training courses across a multitude of industries, including Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Aviation, Shipping, Hospitality and Trading.

Let us help you increase your employee performance and productivity with customised training solutions; please get in touch with us if you wish to run any of our public courses, in-house.

  • HRM & Training | Duration :
    Human resource management (HRM) is a continually evolving function within an organisation, designed to maximise employee performance in line with an employer's strategic objectives. Our HRM and Training modules are designed to get professionals to think differently about their role, in order to maximise the organisations human capital output. We also provide career path development, to ensure that HR professionals can continually grow, develop new skills, and bring those back to the organisation.

    Training on the other hand allows a company to develop its own staff to support the growth needs of the organisation. Training staff to better manage their time, developing sales solutions, relationships nurturing and management, strategic thinking and risk management, are all part of a successful business.
  • Project, Contract and Procurement | Duration :
    Businesses are renowned for outsourcing this area to third parties, when the reality is an in-house asset with the relevant training could provide the necessary services for project, contract and procurement management. Key practices would include preparing of RFPs, evaluation of proposals, preparation and administration of contracts, and managing third party suppliers.

    Team members looking to improve their project, contract and procurement skill set should consider this course, as it will give them great insight in to the project management world, while giving them a greater understanding of the role and the responsibilities inherent to the task.

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